Work with Debtors
For those whose everyday life is not only related to the sale of products and services, but also the administration of customer payment discipline
June 27, in person - Mercure Hotel, Elizabetes street 101, Riga, 9:00 - 17:00
Understanding the basic principles of successful debt recovery
An insight into the psychology of debtors
Tips and tricks to be used in everyday work with debtors
Faster circulation of company funds
About the course
The world is changing....and the change is getting faster and faster. Along with the geopolitical challenges, energy resources and the subsequent price increase (annual inflation is predicted to be around 20%), not only customer buying habits, selection criteria are changing, competition in the market is intensifying, etc. Future risks will also increase: forecasts of the deterioration of customer payment discipline, the financial condition of companies in some sectors, etc. This will inevitably affect our customers' payment discipline, deadlines, possible evasion of payment for delivered products/services.

How to avoid freezing company funds? What are the preventive measures to avoid a growing portfolio of company debtors? How to effectively organize debtors' administration processes in the organization? How to address debtors - legal and psychological aspects. About this and much more in these lessons.
Training program
June 27, from 9:00 to 17:00
Participation fee 275 EUR + VAT
Mercure Hotel, Elizabetes Street 101
Lunch, coffee breaks with snacks are included in the price of the participation fee
Work with debtors
Its psychological and legislative aspects
How to organize effective work with debtors
Preventive actions and tools;
Basic elements and deadlines for an effective recovery process
Examples of good practice
Letters, sms, calls – system algorithms and scripts
Different types of debtors
How to identify each of them?
Choosing the appropriate communication technique to achieve the result
Dealing with debtors' objections
How to understand how true they are and what truth lies behind them?
How to distinguish a malicious defaulter from a customer in temporary difficulties?
How much do we need to delve into his individual business situation to make objective decisions?
How to create a conversation full of mutual trust?
Reach an agreement on the debt repayment term
How to maintain long-term business relationships and customer loyalty?
The set of qualities required for a debt collection specialist
KPI – or debt collector work efficiency measurements
Practical examples and ideas
How to recover psychologically after debt negotiations?
Iveta Rieksta
Since 2017 - Head of the Debt Collection Department at the PlusPlus Baltic OU branch of the foreign merchant in Latvia
From 2013 to 2017, head of the Debt Collection Department, Lindorff Latvia
9 years - Head of Debt Collection Department at GE MONEY BANK

Has acquired knowledge, skills and practical experience related to the specifics of Debt Collection:
establishment and management of a debt collection department;
creation of debt collection service rules (negotiation structure, negotiation scripts, etc.);
creation of debt collection processes;
implementation of the call system;
functions, their main tasks and performance indicators (KPIs);
culture – employees values, microclimate;
people – competences, motivation;
work organization – general and functional processes;
technological development.
Debt collection processes have been established and developed. Based on research,
developed conversation scripts, sample letters and e-mails, implemented a negotiation evaluation system.
A motivating employee motivation system has been created. Employee efficiency indicators have been developed.

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