Business games for teams

Games are like a testing ground - a safe environment where everyone can try out different models of behavior and interaction and immediately evaluate their effectiveness. This is how experience is gained, which people can easily apply in life.
It is a safe place to make mistakes and also to correct mistakes. An environment that reduces fear because it realizes that everything that happens is just a game. Therefore, the participants of the business game can easily take risky steps and as a result find non-standard, but at the same time effective solutions to problems.
Guide to Cyber Security.
The game "Who is a cheater?"
In 2021, an honorary letter of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Latvia was obtained for the educational board game "Who is the cheater?" creation that educates people about fraud schemes and mechanisms in virtual and real life.
In theory part
  • Current fraud schemes and types;
  • Tricks; Signs of possible fraud;
  • Where and how to check the veracity of the information;
  • Advice on how to act in case of potential or actual fraud;
  • Cybersecurity in the workplace
Practical part - Game
  • The knowledge gained in theory is strengthened in practice through the game: "Who is a fraud?"
At the end of the game there are 2 winning teams:
  • Money tycoon - the team that has caught the least amount of fraudulent offers during the games;
  • Social Relationship Guru – the team that has recognized the most fair situations during the game
Business simulation game "Lightning Factory"
A practical game of maintenance and practical application of LEAN methods. During the game, participants will apply WIP, Kanban, 5S and other LEAN methods.
  • Round - typical production, Batch production with 5 lights of the same color, Poor layout - spread out, no logical sequence of workstations;
  • Round - improving the layout and solving initial quality problems. The coordinator introduces the methods, for example, 5 whys, fisheye diagram, Pareto analysis;
  • Round – Smaller batches, single unit flow, workplace organization and quality improvement;
  • Round - Balancing lines and using the Kanban method for inventory management.
DeMa (Decision Makers) management "situation simulator"
An HR gamification tool has been developed in Latvia, which creates real daily situations for managers. The game is suitable for both face-to-face and numerically small groups online. It is designed for unforced leadership development.
  • DeMa briefing / rules of the game;
  • DeMa 1st round (participants work using the knowledge and skills at their disposal);
  • Creation of a situational analysis algorithm;
  • Creating a decision-making algorithm;
  • DeMa 2nd round (participants begin to apply the developed algorithms in practice, their quality is evaluated);
  • A structure for creating constructive and maximally accurate feedback;
  • DeMa 3rd round (participants consolidate the developed algorithms in practice (their quality is evaluated) and use the basic principles of effective feedback;
  • DeMa round 4 (the familiar game format is made more challenging and the leader is left without outside help and support);
  • Summary of lessons learned during the program.
Get the solution game with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach ensures a high level of employee engagement, participation and attractiveness. The method "takes the bull by the horns" by engaging the imagination of the outcome, bypassing the unproductive stage of "what if" chatter.
  • Defining the target question
  • Examples of objective questions:
    • Discover new solutions for project X
    • Define the team's common goal, values
    • Define team identity
    • Development of new products
    • Identify problems that hinder cooperation
    • To discover the potential and talents of employees
    • Define team strengths, etc.
    • Learn more about each other, i.e. to discover the unknown about oneself and to discover thoughts about others., etc.
  • Creating a work plan and a game
  • Organization of the game
  • Getting the solution and answers
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