Mūsu tīmekļa vietnē tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes.
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Tehniskās sīkdatnes
Nepieciešamas, lai lietotājs varētu brīvi apmeklēt un pārlūkot tīmekļa vietni un izmantot tās piedāvātās iespējas, tajā skaitā iegūt informāciju par pakalpojumiem. Šīs sīkdatnes identificē lietotāja iekārtu, taču neizpauž lietotāja identitāti, kā arī tās nevāc un neapkopo informāciju. Bez šīm sīkdatnēm tīmekļa vietne nevarēs pilnvērtīgi darboties.
Statistikas sīkdatnes
Apkopo informāciju par to, kā lietotājs lieto tīmekļa vietni, konstatē biežāk apmeklētās sadaļas. Informācija tiek lietota analīzes nolūkos, lai noskaidrotu, kas interesē vietnes lietotājus, un varētu uzlabot vietnes funkcionalitāti, padarot to ērtāk lietojamu. Statistikas sīkdatnes identificē tikai lietotāja iekārtu, taču neizpauž lietotāja identitāti.
Mērķa sīkdatnes
Izmanto, lai apkopotu informāciju par lietotāja apmeklētajām tīmekļa vietnēm un piedāvātu tieši konkrētam lietotājam interesējošus Trainify pakalpojumu.
What our clients say
  • We chose Trainify as a cooperation partner in organizing our team building event. Their professional team coped with the task perfectly and there was not one among our large team who did not enjoy the day of the event! We were also happy that during the organizing process, "Trainify" took the initiative and we didn't have to worry about any small details ourselves. Special thanks to our hike leader - he knows how to create a special aura of the event.
    Anete Bērziņa
  • We have had many and varied sales training, we are an experienced sales team, but in these trainings the humane and open attitude of the sales trainer appealed to us, which disarmed our team and made everyone feel comfortable. We see a great value in the fact that the trainer is still an active seller on a daily basis, so we perceived the training content with greater added value. We repeated many already known but forgotten things, as well as learned several new nuances, in general we are ready for the next work act.
    Dzintars Rumps
  • Our sales team has a specific task to perform and a standard training program didn't work for us. During the meeting, Trainify trainers listened to our needs and actually created a training program for our team. Professional attitude and high sense of responsibility from the Trainify team.
    Agnese Rajevska
  • Trainify coped very well with the task. Although it is difficult to find a fundamentally new thing on sale, in these lessons, already familiar things were looked at from a different point of view. The content of the training was easy to understand because the trainer is one of us - a practitioner and a salesman. During the training, the practical tasks seemed valuable to our team, even our most skeptical colleagues had insights to take away after the training.
    Aija Bojāre
  • Applied games for the development of employees' skills are especially valuable in order to involve as many participants as possible in the learning process. Even those colleagues who are introverts by nature loosened up, moreover, the barriers between people with different positions of responsibility and positions - people of different levels - at the same table, on one topic, for one goal, are erased. Especially this aspect is difficult to achieve in classical studies, but with the applied game it is possible. Thanks to the Trainify team for the implemented training project for our employees.
    Andris Drēska
  • I can only say the best about cooperation with Trainify Latvia representatives - professional, efficient and able to adapt. The lessons are based on practice and personal experience, which helps to find a deeper understanding of the topics covered. Compliments for the ability to keep the participants' attention and involve all training participants in activities, both in full-day face-to-face training and online sessions - this is not an easy task.
    Lauma Vernere
  • I would like to thank you for Cyber Security Game. It was interesting, with examples from life, even though we face different aspects of cyber security every day. From the managers of the game, we heard how various fraud schemes are carried out, and also that frauds occur not only in our company and on a daily basis, but it is relevant all over the world, and neither a billion-dollar company nor an aunt from a small town who does not even use a smartphone on a daily basis is safe.
    We also received recommendations on how to protect yourself from fraud and how to avoid it on a daily basis. We played a board game where we could test our skills in identifying scams, bet on our opinion and get detailed explanations and help from the course leaders.
    Thank you, Trainify and the teachers for your work!
    Marija Moče
  • A fantastic day with a great team!
    Where to get energy, strength, inspiration and new ideas? Definitely in nature! That's why the UXDA team went on a day-long adventure under the open sky where together:
    We experienced a survival expedition that confirmed once again that together we can safely find exits and solutions in any conditions;
    We learned the basics of how to take care of your body throughout the day, how to reduce stress and support yourself when you need it;
    We experienced various tests of team trust and got to know our teammates even more closely, which confirms that together we can reach unknown heights;
    We caught adrenaline, opened new boundaries and set team records!

    And many thanks to Trainify Latvia for this fantastic experience and feelings!
    Linda Zaikovska-Daukste
  • Reviews are only positive. The teaching style, overall image and speech of the trainers, examples from life are very appealing. As well as the game itself, it was a great way to interactively reinforce/test knowledge. It was also a lot of fun ;)
    Jeļena Rodjko
  • Thanks to Trainify team for successful cooperation and patience, quality and involvement within the project. Good luck in the New Year!
    Marlēna Motina
  • One of the best lessons we've experienced, and everyone was involved in the learning process. Even the most skeptical participants evaluated the training positively.
    Diana Tivča
  • Thank you for this day, which is dedicated to such an important sales profession in every company. In the right place and time! This event was surprisingly modern in terms of content and made it clear that we are moving in the right direction. Guys, keep it up! #Trainify_Salesday
    Emīls Rijnieks
  • I had an opportunity to participate in Trainify training. Got a great reminder on how to achieve better results by working smarter! Thanks for the interesting sessions with a lot of practical examples!
    #trainify #LEAN #TOC #worksmarternotharder
    Liene Frejslere
  • The feedback from the participants is very good! In simple and understandable language about important topics, which is exactly what is needed at this time. Very successful contact with the audience, achieving the involvement of even less active listeners. Thank you for your cooperation!
    Agnese Saukuma
  • I want to thank you very much for the organized training! I received only positive reviews, everything we asked for was also included. From me in addition - Thank you for the organization and preparation, because it is really at a high level for you.
    Veronika Peteļina
  • The event was organized at a high level and the selected lecturers knew how to look at the topics in an engaging way and engage the audience. It was worth listening to all this.
    Andis Miķelsons
  • I can only say the best about the course content and the instructor, really very useful, practical and all in all definitely worthwhile recommendations.
    Ieva Šmite
  • A very interesting and passionate training process with many valuable insights. And as a nail to all the content was the offered evening program, which allowed to look at things from a completely different perspective of the world!
    Arvils Pūpols
  • I recommend the Trainify team. Very professional instructors, before starting the training, delve into the specifics of the company in order to determine as precisely as possible the direction in which the company needs improvement.
    Santa Eikerte-Kuiva
  • I am excited about this year's lessons! Thanks for the enthusiastic and energetic leaders! Fantastic!
    Kristīne Krūkle
  • Thank you for the chance. The lessons were valuable. I hope that the cooperation with Trainify will expand!
    Tālivaldis Silenieks
  • From the bottom of my heart, I thank the organizers of the Day of Power J EXCELLENT.... I appreciated every minute I spent at this event with such inspiring great personalities..... HAPPINESS IS A PROCESS J I am 100% inspired to restore and increase my strength. Wonderful, thank you!
    Ineta Vizuliņa
  • Thank you to Trainify Latvia for the impulse and inspiration to move forward with even greater power! Practical and real-life ideas are valuable baggage that I take with me! See you at the next conference!
    Dainis Zaltāns
  • Two fantastic days where we strengthened the team's competence in project management. Thanks to the Trainify team for such a learning experience.
    Egija Biete
  • We would like to thank you for the time you dedicated to our team! Some insights after the lecture:
    - some things that I thought I knew were structured;
    - useful information, both as a teacher and as a mother;
    - I received a reminder of things I already knew;
    - it was interesting to hear an opposite opinion to mine;
    - thanks for the recommended books. Especially "Returning to myself". I will definitely read it.
    - I got what I expected - there are things/actions that now seem more understandable.
    Agita Baltmane
  • A big THANK YOU for the practical tools and instruments provided on the Day of Power, how to effectively and efficiently take care of the daily well-being of your life.
    I was personally very inspired by "resource buckets", the 1% concept and practical lessons from Ocean.

    I'm glad I've been auditing my day every day since Friday and recognizing the 1% that moves me up to my Best Self every day.

    I will be glad to continue to be informed about the events of Trainify.
    Raimonds Vilciņš
  • I wanted to say thank you for the great event today. I was there from start to finish. You really did it!
    Dina Repša
  • Appreciate it. At a very high level. Valuable insights and lots of notes.
    Andrians Triščuks
  • I'm excited about the conference, every speaker was inspiring and compared to other conferences I've attended, this one has definitely left a more positive impression.
    Liene Vecmane
  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the training. Practical recommendations with a theoretical basis, how each of us can improve the quality of our life!
    Daiga Vaivode
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