Critical thinking methods
For anyone who thinks the way we think
October 3, in person - Mercure Hotel, Elizabetes street 101, Riga, 9:00 - 17:00

You will learn the theoretical foundations of critical thinking
You will be able to apply the knowledge in your everyday life
You will reduce the number of communication misunderstandings
You will be able to make more balanced, responsible and high-quality decisions
About the course
Every day we are bombarded with a huge amount of information that our brain tries to process, or on the contrary, avoid. How to keep your sanity? How to sift the valuable and important information from the "background noise"? How to make informed decisions? About that and much more in this seminar!
Training program
October 3 from 9:00 to 17:00
Participation fee 250 EUR + VAT
Venue Mercure hotel, Elizabetes iela 101
Lunch, coffee breaks and snacks and car parking - included in the price of the membership fee
The essence and development of the concept "Critical thinking"
Ancient Greece
The Middle Ages
Present day
The purpose of critical thinking
Creating a dialog
Dimensions of critical thinking
Human nature
Information and knowledge
Thinking skills
Human nature
"Think Fast" Limitations and Advantages
Psychological biases
Traditions and their meaning

Listen to understand
Hines dilemma
Information and knowledge
Minimum required information
Systems Thinking Compass (Alan AtkKsson)
The fifth discipline – "From understanding to change" (Peter Senge)
6 critical thinking questions
Socratic questioning

Look through alien eyes
What's going on at work?
What's in common?
Find the reason!
Thinking skills
5 elements of thinking (E.B. Burger, M. Starbird)
Logical thinking
Argumentation and evaluation of arguments
Opinion or fact

Legal relationships
Logic tasks
Silvija Avota
Two certified educations - programmer at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Lithuanian University (1983) and MBA leadership specialty at the University of Liverpool (2014).

Mathematics is Sylvia's talent, which nature put in the cradle, but the interest in learning the unknown and doing the undone has been the "eternal engine" for her whole life.

She worked as a programmer, mother of her girls, organized the construction of an apartment building, taught mathematics at school, then again as a programmer, then project manager and manager in various jobs in the IT industry. Currently, project group leader in the company "dots.365"

In parallel, she has developed and conducted her own structured courses. "How to learn to think" - for school children, "Fundamentals of Management" - for new and future group leaders, "Thinking methods" - for your friends and associates, "Change management" - at the Banking University and school directors, "Critical thinking" - for colleagues, Riga School teachers and employees of the Latvian State Forests.
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