Sales skills
For sellers who want to effectively manage customer expectations and close deals
August 16, in person - Mercure Hotel, Elizabetes street 101, Riga, 9:00 - 17:00
You will learn and improve the principles of B2B and B2C sales
Everyday applicable knowledge and "road bread" for further development
You will reduce the fear of making sales calls and addressing customers in face-to-face meetings
About the course
One of the world's oldest professions is based on the need for resources, communication, and mutual cooperation. We have domesticated animals, created countries, photographed the globe from space, and created the Internet. All this thanks to the ability to understand and cooperate. The key to overcoming fear, better communication, and more profitable deals lies in understanding ourselves as individuals and us as people. Experience and practical knowledge from a salesperson with more than 15,000 sales calls behind him.
Training program
August 16 from 9:00 to 17:00
Participation fee 265 EUR + VAT
Mercure Hotel, Elizabetes Street 101
Lunch, coffee breaks with snacks and parking are included in the price of the participation fee
Selling 101
The Three Immortal
Basic Principles Fear is normal!
Practical about customer research

Creating a Prospective Research Checklist
Economics for sellers
What can and cannot be influenced
High yield activities
Efficiency vs. Productivity
Results and their measurement
Voice, body language and adaptation
Voice and posture
Language history
Purpose of the call

Formulating the purpose of the call
Techniques for creating a first impression
Communication and language
Conflict resolution
The desire to be heard
Targeted questions

Customer Needs Discovery Map
Seller's responsibility
Responsibility to the customer
Responsibility to yourself
Liability to business
Time planning of sales activities
Prioritization of sales activities
Creating a time plan for sales activities
Marcis Laksa
More than 15,000 sales calls were made

Practitioner, observer and enthusiast of the sales profession. Experience in B2B, B2C, B2G sales in the Baltic States and Europe, from telecommunications and "internet of things" to financial services and investments. From end users to partners and distributors.

The saying "curiosity trumps status" hits the mark. Always present desire to hear people's stories, motivation, experiences. A history book, as the best reading material - both for erudition and for increasing understanding.

Long-term experience on stage in amateur theaters in Riga, Liepāja and Jelgava.
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