Mūsu tīmekļa vietnē tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes.
Sīkdatņu iestatījumi
Tehniskās sīkdatnes
Nepieciešamas, lai lietotājs varētu brīvi apmeklēt un pārlūkot tīmekļa vietni un izmantot tās piedāvātās iespējas, tajā skaitā iegūt informāciju par pakalpojumiem. Šīs sīkdatnes identificē lietotāja iekārtu, taču neizpauž lietotāja identitāti, kā arī tās nevāc un neapkopo informāciju. Bez šīm sīkdatnēm tīmekļa vietne nevarēs pilnvērtīgi darboties.
Statistikas sīkdatnes
Apkopo informāciju par to, kā lietotājs lieto tīmekļa vietni, konstatē biežāk apmeklētās sadaļas. Informācija tiek lietota analīzes nolūkos, lai noskaidrotu, kas interesē vietnes lietotājus, un varētu uzlabot vietnes funkcionalitāti, padarot to ērtāk lietojamu. Statistikas sīkdatnes identificē tikai lietotāja iekārtu, taču neizpauž lietotāja identitāti.
Mērķa sīkdatnes
Izmanto, lai apkopotu informāciju par lietotāja apmeklētajām tīmekļa vietnēm un piedāvātu tieši konkrētam lietotājam interesējošus Trainify pakalpojumu.

2024 programs

Effective and interesting team programs when it comes to internal communication, coordinated action, mutual trust and other basic principles of an effective team. These themed programs have been stable in our top 5 outdoor programs for several years. Despite the initial stereotypes, 99% of participants are pleasantly surprised.
Choose the program in which you want to participate with your team
Water. Earth. Bright. Fire. (one day=10 h)
Team building tasks provide 7-point diagnosis of a successful work team through applied games. Tasks are purposefully focused through the 7 rules of a successful work team:
  • Everyone can see the common goal (if not, aimless discussions, different visions, chaos develop);
  • Similar understanding of values (if not, conflicts arise about values);
  • Clear tasks/roles (if not, boundaries are violated, spheres of responsibility - a good breeding ground for conflicts);
  • A shared sense of responsibility (if not - a sense of injustice, resentment, conflicts develops);
  • Equal involvement (if not - the loudest and most dominant and brazen take over the leadership);
  • Cooperation (if not - unhealthy competition develops);
  • Open, safe, clear communication (if not - intrigues, mobbing, deviation from the goal are formed).
Well-being and togetherness (one day = 8 h)
  • Consciousness: in relationships, work, goals.
  • The ability and skill to accept another person, to understand his point of view, resulting in a healthy working atmosphere.
  • Realizing your talents and putting them to work.
  • Energy structure of the group, factors that promote team formation and what drains team power?
  • "Hygiene" of consciousness (practical technologies for disconnecting from negative information).
  • Conflictology: positions in it and methods of solutions. Formula for human physical and emotional health.
  • Team Health Formula.
  • The business result is clear wording! Or How to express, present, formulate your vision?
  • Anti-stress exercises used by prominent politicians and public figures, including how to stretch your back without getting up from your desk.
  • A series of practical and moving exercises.
Team Building using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (one day = 8 h)
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a globally recognized method used by successful companies: Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Nasa, Coca Cola, Pfizer, etc. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach ensures a high level of employee engagement, participation and attractiveness. The method "takes the bull by the horns" by engaging the imagination of the outcome, bypassing the unproductive stage of "what if" chatter.
You Can't & Funny Games (one day = 8 h)
  • "Team obstacle course" - during the implementation, the participants are tied together in one rope.
  • "Golden team relay" - each team is responsible for the performance of only one task. "Go there, don't know where, bring it, don't know what" - a well-thought-out strategy and proper teamwork will be required.
  • "Unyielding Arrows" - the goal is to encourage some members to defeat the unyielding arrows.
  • "Baby in a free walk" - you have to feel like a small child, going on your first steady walk.
  • "Scottish football" - the task is performed simultaneously by three teams and assisted by three more teams.
  • "Call the plumber!" - let's fill a hollow tube full of water.
  • "Triple egg" - deliver the egg as far as possible with a certain number of shots and certain principles of cooperation.
Team Power (one day = 8 h)
  • Dominant perception types? - Diagnostics and external manifestations.
  • Tips & tricks that significantly affect the quality of our conversations.
  • "One mouth and two ears" - that is, about speaking and listening.
  • "Orientation in nature" with intellectual and practical tasks.
  • Accurate shooters - developing concentration skills and a sense of calm.
  • Final relay for the most accurate shooters.
  • "A healthy me and a healthy team!" - the formula of a person's physical and emotional health, the energetic structure of the group - factors that promote team formation and that drain the team's strength
Changing health (one day = 8 h)
  • Rhythm, direction of processes: sufficient, accelerated and stagnant.
  • The reaction and efficiency of our psyche in each of the states.
  • The appearance of emotions, the ability to accept them, predict and transform them.
  • Physical and mental synchronization of movement (or a series of self-regulation techniques of representatives of specific professions).
  • Psychological injury: conscious, unconscious, controlled and undirected. Discussion of positions, regulation methods.
  • Conflictology: positions in it and methods of solutions. Team health during isolation.
  • Digital autism, and the return of natural senses after a long time spent in an artificial and limited environment.
  • A series of practical and moving exercises.
  • Finally, feedback and examples of disaster relief work experience
RESTART (one day = 8 h)
  • Module 1. Team cooperation. From the plan to the analysis of the done. Each task consists of 4 phases: briefing – task planning – task implementation – team performance analysis. The tasks are different. Their performance does not require special physical training or special clothing.
  • Module 2. Nuances of internal team communication. Communication is a "must have" in every team development program. Practical examples and exercises that show that misunderstanding people in everyday life is much easier than understanding them.
  • Module 3. Interpersonal relations. We are all human and sometimes we need to talk, be heard and be heard. If we begin to understand the motivation and deeper intentions of our colleagues, it becomes much easier to understand what is happening around us.
  • Module 4. Team values and traditions. The aim of this module is to develop real-life team culture tools. People do not resist what they have created guided by their inner values.
  • Tactical tasks. Each tactical task consists of the following phases: 1) receiving the task 2) developing / checking the task plan 3) implementing the task 4) analyzing the team's performance.
Wolf Pack (one day = 8 h)
  • Building a strong sense of team spirit.
  • Development and implementation guidelines for the internal "law of the pack" law on a daily basis.
  • Improving/implementing the basic principles of tactical cooperation within the team.
  • Learning / applying the basic principles of targeted and effective communication.
  • Progress towards the goal despite unpredictable and not always desirable turns of the situation.
  • The ability to believe in yourself, the team and the impossible.
  • A bright charge of emotions and motivation for the next act of work.
  • Three levels of learning: 1) "tactical" - during the program, 2) "strategic" - immediately after the program, 3) (the most important) "internal" - within 1-6 months.
Survival school (one day = 8 h)
  • Comprehensive teamwork development.
  • Meeting colleagues, friends, teams and getting to know each other in an unknown, unique environment.
  • Building mutual cooperation and trust in the team, performing tasks, overcoming difficulties, making decisions.
  • Promote understanding of the importance of communication and co-responsibility in teamwork.
  • A vivid emotional adventure with a great charge of positive energy.
  • To share important life values that are important to people both at work and in the family.
Trainify Team Building Trainers
  • Andzej Reiters
    Trainify team growth and business coach. By education: "military conflict specialist", Worked at VUGD as a "rescuer", traveler and mountaineer, author of the book "Real wealth", personal consultant of several municipalities, sportsmen and entrepreneurs.
  • Nauris Svika
    Trainify team development and management coach, certified adult education mentor Graduated with honors from the German Officers Military Academy. As an officer of the LR army, he has been in 2 military missions in Kosovo and Iraq. Nauris has created and implemented more than 300 different complexity team programs.
  • Sandra Landratova
    Certified facilitator for the original LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ method and certified clinical psychologist. 20 years of experience in preparing teams for work under conditions of increased load and tension. More than 20 years served in NBS, selecting, training and consulting soldiers both in Latvia and in the areas of international operations.
  • Oskars Spickopfs
    Trainify team and personal development coach. Develops and leads programs of various levels and content, in which the growth of people and effective teams takes place in interaction with nature. He obtained the qualification of "Infantry Division Commander" at the Instructor School of the National Armed Forces, 15 years of service in the National Guard.
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